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Duetto delivers a suite of SaaS cloud-native applications for hospitality businesses to optimize every booking opportunity for greater revenue impact. The unique combination of hospitality experience and technology leadership drives Duetto to look for innovative solutions to industry challenges. The software as a service platform allows hotels, casinos, and resorts to leverage real-time dynamic data sources and actionable insights into pricing and demand across the enterprise. 

Streamline revenue, boost profit with Duetto. Empower your revenue teams. Duetto’s cloud-based hotel & casino revenue management software delivers real-time insights on pricing, forecasting, and demand. Duetto is the only revenue strategy platform that enables hoteliers to capture dynamic demand, increase efficiency, and be more agile.  

Solve your revenue challenges with Duetto. Built by hoteliers for hoteliers, Duetto was the first cloud-native revenue management system to combine powerful analytics, real-time data, and human process. Create, set, and manage revenue strategies that work.  

The platform includes: 


GameChanger gives you predictive analytics for profitable revenue management, putting the power in your hands to create and implement bespoke strategies quickly, simply, and effectively; leveraging manual, semi-automated, or full Autopilot control. 


ScoreBoard, Duetto’s innovative budgeting, forecasting and reporting software, gives hotels the power to improve forecast accuracy with daily segment forecasts, allowing them to bridge the gap between commercial strategy and operations planning. 


Empower sales and revenue teams with BlockBuster software. Its innovative and game-changing collaboration potential and workflows strengthen your team, with quick approval processes and communication tracking, ensuring you’re always first-to-proposal — every time. 


Maestro, MEWS, Opera Cloud by Oracle, Opera V5 by Oracle, HMS by Infor, Webrezpro 


Two-way via API. 


The platform is currently available in English. French translation is in development. Training is available in English and French. 


More than 4,000 hotel and casino resort properties in more than 60 countries have partnered to use Duetto’s applications, which include GameChanger for pricing, ScoreBoard for intelligent reporting, and BlockBuster for contracted-business optimization. Hotels using Duetto include: Sandman, Great Wolf Lodge, Virgin Hotels, Outrigger and NH Hotels. In both 2022 and 2023, Duetto was named the world’s #1 revenue management system in the HotelTechAwards. 


Founded in 2012 | Head Office in San Francisco | 162 employees