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IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (G3 RMS) delivers scientific pricing and rate availability decisions at the room type and key product level to drive optimal revenue results across all segments of your business. G3 RMS is powered by SAS® High-Performance Analytics that uniquely takes into account uncertainty and market trends to produce proactive and responsive forecasts and pricing.  

Together with pricing, IDeaS’ proprietary technology sets availability restrictions and overbooking to optimize profitability. This integrated, unique scientific approach to producing these controls is proven in thousands of accommodations worldwide and extends the benefit far beyond maintenance-heavy rules-based approaches. This industry-leading solution is paired with a world-class client care model that ensures your success. 

The platform includes: 

IdeaS G3 RMS 

G3 Revenue Management Solution delivers scientific pricing decisions at the room type and rate code level to drive optimal revenue performance. 

IdeaS RMS 

IdeaS RMS provides reliable and up-to-date information that empowers revenue managers to book the ideal guest at the ideal time at the ideal rate. 

IdeaS PS 

IdeaS Pricing System help you to achieve an immediate revenue lift with minimal risk. 

IdeaS FMS 

IdeaS Forecast Management System provides an affordable and user-friendly solution for dramatically enhanced forecasting and reporting capabilities.  


Maestro, MEWS, Opera Cloud by Oracle, Opera V5 by Oracle, HMS by Infor, Webrezpro 


Advanced, Standard and Limited 2-way and 1-way integrations. 


The platform is currently available in English and French (in development). 


IDeaS has delivered tangible and sustainable results for 22,000+ clients worldwide with a 99%+ retention rate. IDeaS solutions empower clients of all sizes worldwide to evolve and enjoy greater profitability and productivity. 


Founded in 1989 | Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN | 569 employees