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To accelerate the digital transformation of hotel properties, the HOTELUS team has selected unique and proven digital solutions that help achieve the “Smart Hotel” objective.

A “Mobile First” Guest Engagement Platform dedicated to Hospitality!

Guest data management

All your guest data, organized and stored in enriched and visual guest files

  • Guest identity, photo, social accounts
  • Stay history
  • Conversation history
  • Review history
  • Areas of interest
  • Advanced, recordable and exportable searches

Send effective newsletters


Stay in touch after the stay. Build guest loyalty.

  • Create customized emailings
  • Take advantage of ultra-targeted segmentation
  • Celebrate the anniversaries of your guests’ stays
  • Create all your campaigns in as many languages as you want

Guest Portal

Make your services and tourist recommendations readily accessible to guests.

  • All services available to book in just a few clicks (breakfast, room service, restaurant, spa…)
  • A chat tool to quickly answer questions
  • Your partner recommendations
  • Press, weather, flight information…

A Guest Messaging Hub for easy communication


Centralise all your communication channels onto one screen. Optimise your teams’ reactivity.

  • Improved productivity
  • Optimised guest request management
  • Reduced response time

Personalized emails to guide your clients

Simplify and improve your guests’ experience.

  • Upsell during the pre-stay period (on average €10 per guest)
  • Online check-in before arrival
  • Post-stay satisfaction questionnaire

Communicate with clients via SMS


The simplest way to communicate with your guests

  • Send automated text messages (notify them when their room is ready, send a welcome message, reviews…)
  • Or manual text messages (answer a question, late arrival, taxi booking..)

Ultra-simple WhatsApp interactions

The world’s most widely used messaging application to support your customers.

  • Send your WhatsApp equipped customers rich messages (pictures, files, links, …).
  • Don’t be limited by the size of the message
  • Offer your customers instant support

Monitor performances at a glance


Monitor your return on investment in real time

  • Your additional revenue generated
  • The number of users on your app
  • Your guests’ preferred content
  • Email response rate
  • Text message response rate

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