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Founded by ex-hoteliers, Mews is a next-generation hospitality cloud PMS for hotels, hostels, apartments and more that empowers the modern hotelier to improve performance, maximize revenue, and provide remarkable guest experiences. A fully integrated ecosystem of six key products – Operations, Payments, Guest Journey, Business Intelligence, Marketplace and API – harness the power of smart automation to make a real difference for properties and chains of all sizes. Mews serves over 3,000 properties across more than 60 countries in all five continents and works with a huge number of hospitality tech companies to provide hoteliers with an unbeatable platform – no other PMS offers as many integrations. 

At the 2020 HotelTechAwards, Mews was voted Best PMS by industry peers.  


With over 450 integrations and hospitality tech partners, Mews is the most connected solution on the market. It is also the easiest to use, with a clean, intuitive interface and outstanding support should you need it.  


One-way and two-way via API 


French and English for employees. Multilingual for guests 


Mews serves over 3,000 properties across more than 60 countries. In 2021, it was voted as the #2 Best PMS by user reviews on HotelTechReport. 


Founded in 2012 | Head Office in Amsterdam | 400 employees