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Our services will ensure a successful digital transformation allowing you to get ahead of the competition! We can also work on specific issues of concern in your systems and technology.

Our professionals will guide you through the different steps of the digital transformation process. We will work very closely with your teams to select the best solutions for your specific hotel properties requirements and budget. We will act as a true partner of your success!

Evaluation and diagnosis

The first step of our services is to evaluate the current state of your digital solutions, including all your information systems. A directory will be created and will serve as a reference base for your transformation.

We will score the maturity level of each important area of your organization. This evaluation will constitute the Baseline for improvements.

digital journey

We will document the customer and employee journeys as digital experience you want to offer. We will identify opportunities and present you with the most desirable transformation options.

We will cover all interactions with your customers, from digital marketing to booking, check-in, on-stay with all the services of your hotel; room services, access control, entertainment, catering, SPA, Golf, etc.

We have easy-to-use templates to help you document the guest experience you want to offer.

All these needs will translate into features that you can find in your current solutions, new solutions or custom developments.

We will establish with you the employee’s digital journeys including their tasks and we will identify with you the best communication tools for employees and guests, as well as management tools that can optimize the work of your teams, thus reducing efforts and required staff.

We will then produce a Gap Analysis to identify opportunities for potential improvements.


With the list of opportunities in hand, we will evaluate the efforts and costs of each opportunity and choose with you those that offer the best return on investment. Note that the benefits of these opportunities can be measured not only in dollars but also in customer’s and employee’s satisfaction.

Some prioritized initiatives can be carried out by your own staff, reducing your external costs. The selected opportunities will form your Digital Transformation Roadmap!


We will review the current architecture of your systems by incorporating the new features prioritized in your roadmap. This work will identify the gaps in your current architecture, and we will propose readjustments if applicable.

The revised architecture will become the target architecture for your digital transformation.

solutions selection

We will identify the best digital solutions on the market that fit your needs.

We will proceed with Requests for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposals (RFP) from recognized suppliers. Having in hand the list of the desired new functions as well as a target architecture, we will proceed with the following steps:

• Analysis of proposals
• Comparative evaluations and pre-selections
• Meeting and demonstrations
• Final selections and negotiations
• Contract signing

At all stages, you will be in full control of costs and master the situation.


Each selected solution will be integrated into all your existing systems according to a detailed implementation plan. We will prepare this plan with your teams and the selected vendors detailing required activities, ensuring proper management by your staff and minimizing impacts on your day-to-day operations.

We will support you during all stages of implementation and we will put in place a rigorous quality control so that vendors deliver the solution as agreed in the contract, thus ensuring the success of implementation.

We will pay attention to the integration of all selected solutions into a unified infrastructure, allowing access to data of the various digital solutions, through an analytical platform.

Our professionals have implemented numerous digital solutions and know the success factors of a remarkable implementation!



Our expertise covers most functional and technical areas of hotels. We make use of the best vendors in their fields and we ensure that their offers correspond in all points to your specific needs.

We will assist you in selecting and implementing the best digital solutions for your hotel properties!

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are one of the main challenges for today’s hoteliers. Millennials are pushing hoteliers to surpass themselves and it is imperative to offer your services via tablets or smartphones.

A host of new customizable solutions are available on the market to offer a digital experience to your guests and staff alike.

We will help you to document the guest journey you want to offer, including in-room technologies. Afterwards, we will select with your team the best digital solutions corresponding to your needs and your budget. We will cover, among other things, digital keys, services offered on smart devices, in-room environment control and entertainment, digital signage and digital mapping of your properties.

Mobile apps are at the heart of the digital transformation of your properties and they are a key to your success!

PMS Systems

The property management system or PMS is central to the hotel’s operations. It generally covers room management and maintenance. However, we must add other modules to cover all the needs of the hotelier.

It can be required to integrate other digital solutions such as POS for bars, restaurants and other hotel departments where the guest can pay a fee. Other more specialized products are intended for functions that not offered in all hotels: spa management system, golf, events and conventions, etc.

New cloud-based PMS’s may be relevant to your operations, as long as they include the features you need and can integrate well with the other digital solutions you need.

Many PMS are available on the market and we will help you select the one that is best suited to your particular context and the digital experience you want to offer to your guests and employees.

Management tools

Analytical tools with dashboards are essential for making decisions that optimize the financial performance of your properties. A platform that is well integrated with your various systems will allow a clear and unique vision of the various KPI relevant to your management.

We will help you choose the right platform for your needs and budget so you can easily analyze your revenue, margins and profitability for each of the services you offer. One of the trends of modern hotels is to promote unbundling the pricing, enabling “Upsell”, like the airlines who have successfully implemented this concept. It’s up to you to decide and we’ll help you choose the right digital tools for your pricing strategy.

We will also help you integrate your operational systems with your back-office systems to reduce unnecessary and costly manual work.

marketing and sales

Many tools are available to boost your digital marketing and direct sales, as well as through the various electronic distribution channels. A good customer relation system “CRM” is essential and makes it possible to exploit the data of your guest and increase their loyalty. Your hotel reputation is also a major issue of your success.

A good “Responsive” website that can be used on all platforms – mobile devices and PC – is a must, as well as online booking! Your customers must be able to reach you and book in any possible way: on the phone, directly online, via traditional and electronic travel agencies “OTA” and even via the electronic distribution systems used by travel agencies “GDS” or in the form of packages sold by tour operators, if that is in line with your commercial strategy.

We will help you determine the best combinations and select the right tools for managing your prices and revenues!

Wi-Fi and IOT networks

The smart hotel has a high-performance Wi-Fi network so customers and employees can easily interact with mobile apps. IoT technology makes it possible to locate the guests on properties and offer them personalized offers. The size of the bandwidth allocated for each use will be instrumental to a successful digital transformation!

We will help you select reliable Internet providers, choose the type of cloud or local hosting for applications, as well as a proven and powerful application integration platform.

A good network platform will be needed for advanced IoT (Internet of Things) applications offering a range of possibilities, including artificial intelligence.


Cybersecurity is now as important as the physical security of your properties. Since you hold personal information about your customers, it is imperative that this issue be addressed first. All personal data of your customers and your operations must be protected, and you must comply with industry standards.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in Europe in 2018 and affects all Canadian companies doing business with European customers for example.

We will work with your teams so that all your systems are protected and you can sleep in peace!

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