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To survive and succeed, today’s hotels must offer their services using new digital technologies. Clean sheets and hot water are not enough anymore to satisfy your customers! The world has changed …

Make your hotel properties smart and beat the competition!

Hotel Technologies

New communication technologies, mobility, massive data analysis “Big Data”, Internet of Things “IoT”, virtual reality and artificial intelligence are at the core of many digital products and solutions entering the hotel industry. Hotels are facing an unprecedented revolution!

The PMS sector is not left behind and new players are introducing innovative cloud solutions, offering universal user interfaces called “Responsive” and a great ease of integration with other industry related products. Their solutions are easy to integrate with a distribution model like the Apple Store and Google Play.

Hotels’ Challenges


Large hotel chains are investing heavily in expensive digital initiatives that independent hotels do not have access to. Independent hoteliers and small and medium-sized hotel chains are therefore at a disadvantage and vulnerable.

At HOTELUS, our mission is to advise and assist you in the process of digital transformation of your hotel properties, so that you remain competitive in front of large hotel chains!

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a widely used term whose definition varies according to the person or organization that speaks about it. For us, Digital Transformation is a process that integrates new digital technologies into hotel systems to deliver exceptional digital experiences to customers and employees, optimize hotel operations and services, and improve overall financial performance of hotel properties.

Challenge 1 : Offer an exceptional digital experience

We all know that good Wi-Fi as well as an IPTV are now as important as hot water and clean sheets for guests of all ages. For millennials, each passing year increases their purchasing power and they travel more and more. Through social networks they share their satisfaction and dissatisfaction instantly and impose on hoteliers their standards and ways of operating, from booking, at check-in time, during their stay, at check-out and after their departure.

They expect to be able to easily book on a mobile device or PC, check-in in advance, not wait in line at the front desk, order any service with their mobile device, and so on. Their requirements are redefining the standards of hoteliers and properties who do not offer these features are bound to close their doors.

Challenge 2 : Optimizing operations and hotel services

Your various departments do their best to achieve their goals. These dedicated people are at the core of your customers’ satisfaction. Several obstacles are however present and may destroy all their efforts because of some small oversights or carelessness. The shortage of manpower adds to the challenge of the hotel properties, to offer a high quality service.

Numerous digital tools are available to help you optimize your hotel operations and services by anticipating and exceeding your guests expectations.

At HOTELUS, we use a formal approach and methodology to properly document the tasks of your staff and we will identify with you the best communication tools for employees and customers, as well as management tools that will optimize the work of your teams, while reducing the efforts and the staff required. Your operations and hotel services will be optimal!

Challenge 3 : Improve financial performance


The financial performance of your properties rely on many factors and it is essential for you to have access to dashboards that include all relevant performance indicators (KPIs).

Well-integrated systems and an analytics platform will allow you to track your day-to-day operations and anticipate the future, for one property or for your entire hotel chain. Several systems must feed your dashboard to provide an accurate status of your performance.

At HOTELUS, we know the analytical applications and platforms. We will establish with you the most relevant indicators for your properties and assist you in the selection of tools for the development and implementation of these dashboards. You will be in full control of your properties and you will improve your financial performance!

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